Your possible debt solutions:

  • Free Consultations:

    1. Get a quick picture of your budget situation.
    2. This is a chance for you to meet us, work with us, and confirm that we are the best place to help you!
  • Budget Restructuring:

    In-depth budget analysis and assistance to determine income, expenses, assets, and liabilities; money-smart handouts with ideas to increase income and reduce expenses; and so much more. With this solid data in hand, you will have the confidence to know that you're making the right decision, and be sure about your FINAL PLAN OF ACTION.
  • Debt Consolidaton Program:

    For over 50 years, Debt Management Plans (also known as Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation) have helped countless millions of Americans get out of debt. It is by far the most popular program ever created to resolve personal debt.

    People in debt choose a Debt Management Plan because it fulfills their moral obligation to repay debts in full. They also accomplish their goal of being free of debt in just a few years, because creditors are willing to significantly reduce interest rates.

    Because of its enormous popularity, we have dedicated a good portion of our web site to include information about Debt Management Plans.

    A Debt Management Program is a consumer credit counseling service helping individuals consolidate unsecured debt into one easy payment so that they can get out of debt in 3 to 5 years. In addition to lowering monthly payments, many creditors will reduce or eliminate interest and stop charging late fees and over-limit fees. Also, past due accounts may be re-aged, that is, shown as current.

Point-by-point benefits of debt consolidation

  • Reduce or eliminate Interest
  • Possibly eliminate Late Charges and Over-limit fees
  • May Reduce Payments
  • Eliminate Creditor Harassment
  • Combine your bills into ONE, SINGLE, EASY Monthly Payment.
  • Save you thousands of dollars in interest
  • Get out of debt sooner (3 to 5 years instead of the 15 to 20 year Pay Forever Plan that you're currently on)
  • Have the PEACE OF MIND of NO LONGER DEALING with creditors and collection agencies
  • Have the CONFIDENCE of knowing that each of your creditors have been paid, through monthly Statements that keep you in the loop.
  • Have the SATISFACTION of knowing your Credit Rating is being improved while you make regular monthly payments.
  • Have the POSSIBILITY of preventing Judgments or Garnishments that could occur through the Court System, if you act before your collection activity has gone too far.
  • Be INSPIRED knowing the approximate Free of Debt date you receive is achievable and within reach.
  • Lump-Sum Payoffs (also know as Debt Settlement):

    If you have the funds available, we coordinate a payoff with your creditor(s). Once the payoff amount has been determined, you will be mailing the agreed-upon Certified Funds directly to the creditor(s). Once the accounts are paid in full, we can then help you get that information reported to all three of the national reporting bureaus to update your credit reports.
  • Credit Report Services:

    Consumer credit reports and scores, including assistance with analysis and interpretation of your consumer credit reports and scores from Equifax, Experian, & Transunion. Additional services include credit freezes, fraud alerts, identity theft help, death notices, and help with valid disputes.
  • Other Services:

    IRS or other payment plans, or Sale of assets, or Refinancing or borrowing courses.