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Debt Settlement

One Solution is Debt Settlement

In the 1990's, Debt Settlement arrived on the scene as a debt solution. Over the years, many unethical firms have entered the market and negatively affected the industry. Many of these companies have poor reputations and low ratings with the Better Business Bureau and are best avoided.

This is because they collect up-front fees, charge monthly service fees, and put you at risk for lawsuits due to no ongoing payments are being made to the creditors. In addition, all money you pay is in the settlement company's control, not yours.

Our Program differs significantly from these controversial companies because:
  1. we do not touch your money (your money stays in your control, in your own bank account);
  2. you make one lump-sum payment in full directly to your creditor (not monthly payments); if you don't have payment in full and/or want monthly payments instead, consider a debt consolidation plan;
  3. it helps improve your score by showing accounts as paid;
  4. we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (the highest rating possible).

We have created, as a service to the public, this entire Debt Settlement section for those of you who feel this option may be the right one for you.

To confirm your choice, we offer a FREE CONSULT and an EXTENSIVE BUDGET RESTRUCTURING SESSION that will help you see how this option (and other possible debt options you may not yet have considered) may work best for you !


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