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Debt Consolidation

A Debt Consolidation Plan is a positive option to help you get out of debt. A Debt Consolidation Plan can provide many benefits to consumers trying to regain their financial footing and stability. Upon enrollment in a Debt Consolidation Plan, the benefits may not be the same depending on who your creditors are, but each will afford you certain concessions that will make your debts easier to handle. Here are some of the benefits that may be available to you through a Debt Consolidation Plan:
  • Reduce or eliminate Interest.
  • Reduce or eliminate Late Charges and Over-Limit Fees.
  • Eliminate Creditor Harassment.
  • Combine your bills into ONE, SINGLE Monthly Payment.
  • Save approximately one to two times your principal amount in interest. This equals thousands of dollars!
  • Get out of debt sooner with minimal impact on your current lifestyle.
  • Have the CONFIDENCE of knowing EXACTLY where every cent of your money is going as shown on your monthly creditor balance statements.
  • Have the possibility of stopping Judgments or Garnishments that could occur through the Court System.
  • AVOID the need to file bankruptcy.
  • Meet your moral obligation of paying off your total unsecured debt.
  • Be INSPIRED knowing your aproximate Free of Debt date is achievable and within reach.